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Educational concerns and anxiety levels amongst ophthalmology trainees during the COVID-19 pandemic

How concerned are ophthalmology trainees about the present impact and the future consequences of suspended ophthalmic training programmes? Researchers in the West of Scotland investigate. Anxiety, stress and the longer-term stress reaction of burnout often go unrecognised, yet are known...

Imaging without a slit-lamp, more Google Glass news and strabismus humour

Pinterest Many of you will know about this site that organises collections of mostly graphical information. It’s used heavily for fashion, recipes and cupcakes. Well, it seems it has also become quite a useful resource for ophthalmology, optometry and related...

Bausch + Lomb launch Bi-Blade®

Bausch + Lomb have recently been proud to launch Bi-Blade® Vitrectomy Cutter technology in the UK and Ireland. Exclusively available on our Stellaris Elite™ model of the Stellaris® Vision Enhancement System...

Haag-Streit Academy announce new dates for Basic Slit Lamp & Slit Lamp Imaging Courses

Haag-Streit Academy will be hosting a further ‘Slit Lamp Basic Skills course’ and a ‘Slit Lamp Imaging Course’ at the Haag-Streit Academy Training Facility in Harlow on 9th and 10th February 2023.

Keeler to partner with Frost Optical Services

We are delighted to announce that Keeler has partnered with Frost Optical Services, a professional ophthalmic services provider known for their excellent service delivery.

Results from two eye tests suggest that vision is a battle of the sexes

The research was developed by Contact Lenses UK to explore the nation's eye health, by analysing participants ‘colour vision’ and ‘perception’.

Ophthalmic DOPS and OSATS: The Handbook for Work-Based Assessments

The first thing to say is: “I wish I’d had this book when I was an ST1!” The number of work-based assessments (WBA) required during ophthalmic specialist training (OST) is a daunting prospect to trainee ophthalmologists, particularly ST1s with no...

Ophthalmology in the developing world

After the second year of medical school, I spent my summer vacation working as a volunteer for a small Italian non-government organisation (NGO), named HEALTH-AID. As part of my volunteering experience, I joined a team of European doctors, medical students...

BARS (British Association of Retinal Screening) Conference 2023

Why not join us at the BARS Conference 2023 in the vibrant city of Bristol, at the Marriott Hotel on Thursday 28 and Friday 29 September. This year there is something for everyone with an interest in diabetic eye screening....

Staying ahead as patient demands evolve - a webinar by Optos

@19:00 - 20:00 (BST)