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VRmagic, manufacturer of VR simulators for medical training, has rebranded its simulator branch to Haag-Streit Simulation.

Having joined the Haag-Streit Group in 2020, the creation of Haag-Streit Simulation will strengthen the corporate brand and expand the product portfolio for medical education and training in ophthalmology.

Haag-Streit UK has an exclusive UK distributorship of three Haag-Streit Simulation diagnostic training products; the Eyesi® Slit Lamp, Eyesi® Direct and Eyesi® Indirect. Completing the Haag-Streit Simulation portfolio are the Eyesi® Surgical and the Earsi® Otoscope, which are both distributed in the UK by HS-UK’s sister company, John Weiss & Son.

Please see the full Haag-Streit Simulation product range in action at



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