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Diagnosis delays and fears of permanent sight loss, lockdown one had many negative consequences for many people living with eye conditions, according to the Time to Focus report by Fight for Sight [1]. Now, with the country in the wake of lockdown three, those challenges may have only deepened.

As Santen launches the second phase of an international glaucoma awareness campaign this week, it’s worth re-focusing on the report’s findings, and more importantly, it’s proposed solutions.

Santen is committed to R&D in the UK having invested nearly £2.2m in research over the last three years and we’re working with eye clinics to help them adapt to a post-COVID world, for example, over the last year, we donated breath shields to almost half of UK clinics. We still have a small number left so if you are working in an NHS trust that needs breath shields please get in touch.

Beyond investment, we’re working to help people living with glaucoma get back into the health system, whether that’s to get an overdue eye-check or pick up a prescription. That’s why, we’ll be launching the second phase of an international campaign to raise awareness of this important issue.

*Santen is proud to have co-sponsored the Fight for Sight Time to Focus report. The report is entirely independent, and funders have had no control or influence over the content of this report.



1. Fight for Sight, Time to Focus, 2020. Last accessed October 2020. Available at:



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