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Thealoz® Duo eye drops, Thea’s leading dry eye brand is repeating it’s successful TV advertising campaign.

The 20 second advert focuses on the symptoms dry eye sufferers experience, highlighting how Thealoz® Duo offers a unique combination of excipients that are clinically proven* to relieve the symptoms of dry eye, without the need for preservatives.


The advert goes through the most common symptoms and why consumers need to consider a preservative free solution. The advert can be seen at

The TV advert launches wider Thealoz® Duo brand activity across social media and online. More information on the product is available through the Thea Sales Team or by contacting the Thea order line on 01782 381698;

The advert will be on air nationwide on ITV3 from October 19 2020 for 6 weeks,.

The campaign is designed to highlight dry eye to patients and encourage them to learn more particularly on the run up to the winter season, which can often be hard on dry eyes as central heating goes on.

Thea’s aim is to bring the most advanced formulations in eye care and unique preservative free products to patients.


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For any queries please contact Deborah Hunt at Thea on 0345 521 1290


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