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Saturday 9 July saw Sight Sciences hold their first UK Masterclass for the OMNI Surgical System. Delegates and faculty gathered at Aston University, Birmingham for the event, which was a mix of lectures, discussion and a guided dry-lab. The OMNI is an implant-free MIGS device which is used for performing two angle-based glaucoma procedures, viscocanaloplasty and trabeculotomy.



The event faculty was drawn from experienced users from across the UK who shared their experiences of OMNI and the benefits it brings for their glaucoma patients. Delegates were able to spend time in Q&A with the speakers discussing real-world outcomes and patient selection before trying the handheld OMNI device for themselves in a dedicated dry-lab.The event was the first in a series which are planned to be held across the UK over the next year to allow glaucoma specialists to learn more about the OMNI device, which treats all three points of resistance in the conventional aqueous outflow pathway without leaving any implant in the eye.



Chair for the event Mr. Imran Masood said “A surgical masterclass allows time for knowledge, real-world patient dilemmas and surgical subtleties to be shared effectively”.



For more information or to book a place at a future event please contact Sherry Knowlden


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