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Assess your patients remotely and reliably during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond
With COVID-19 potentially transmissible through contact with conjunctival and tear secretions of infected patients as well as aerosol droplets, your ophthalmology department needs to adapt quickly to make glaucoma testing as safe as possible for you and your patients.

As the early detection and treatment of glaucoma is associated with better patient outcomes, tele-ophthalmology can help you prevent a growing backlog by minimising postponed appointments.

Confidently diagnose glaucoma without the risks of face-to-face consultations

The Virtual Glaucoma Clinic from Sense Medical can help you confidently assess and monitor patients from your home or office without the need for physical proximity.



This unique, complete glaucoma management package includes all the hardware and software you need to support the remote diagnosis and progression analysis of this sight-threatening condition.
You can quickly and easily capture incredibly detailed stereoscopic 3D images of the optical nerve head and 2D macula in a single shot, and generate a thorough quantitative analysis including the Disk Damage Likelihood Scale in just a few clicks, to help you make an informed diagnosis.
Despite the superior quality of the 3D images, the file sizes are small enough to allow quick and easy upload or download at typical fixed line broadband speeds, providing a convenient user experience.

Benefits at a glance
  • Reduce risk by examining patients remotely to maintain social distancing guidelines
  • Incredibly detailed simultaneous stereoscopic images in just one click
  • Designed for speed and simplicity of use 
  • Accurately verify the physiological state of the cup and disk
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting to help you make an informed diagnosis
What’s in the box?

The Virtual Glaucoma Clinic from Sense Medical includes:

  • Kowa nonmyd WX3D 2D/3D non-mydriatic retinal camera 
  • Nvidia 3D Vision glasses or manual stereo glasses  
  • Kowa VK-2 WX3D glaucoma analysis software 
  • Networked laptop or PC 

You may use your own third party electronic health record system on this device with our software suite to complete your management and diagnosis.

Bring tele-ophthalmology into your department
The Virtual Glaucoma Clinic can alleviate pressure on your department during the COVID-19 crisis with reliable remote testing capabilities, and offers the possibility of easier and more widespread screening in future.


Sense Medical
T: 01276 479068

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