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Santen, in partnership with UCL Institute of Ophthalmology (IoO), is proud to announce the company’s first external research laboratory in Europe. This development follows ongoing investment from Santen in PhD studentships at UCL IoO, managed by the Global Alliances and External Research department at Santen. The aim of this laboratory is to investigate how to prevent and reverse damage that glaucoma causes to the optic nerve and retina and to support some of the brightest minds in ophthalmology.

“Having completed my PhD with sponsorship from Santen at UCL, continuing to work collaboratively with the research leaders at the world-renowned UCL IoO is an exciting next step,” said Will Lamb PhD, Research Scientist, Santen-UCL Research Lab.

Glaucoma affects approximately 14 million people in Europe and causes damage to the optic nerve.1,2 Damage occurs when drainage of the aqueous humour (a watery fluid that fills the space between cornea and lens and helps maintain normal pressure in the eye) is blocked, increasing intraocular pressure.2,3

“We welcome the news that Santen will be opening their first European research laboratory in the UK, in partnership with UCL’s IoO, to tackle international ophthalmic research priorities,” said Aphrodite Spanou, Director, Healthcare, Life Sciences & Chemicals, Department for International Trade. “This partnership is testament to the UK’s science and research offering, which is amongst the best in the world to address some of ophthalmology’s greatest challenges.”

Santen works with and for patients, actively learning from their experiences to develop solutions, products and services that improve lives and protect sight. The lab will facilitate greater collaboration between Santen and UCL IoO scientists, allowing deeper research on projects of mutual interest.



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