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Using chandelier illumination provides a true bimanual manipulation during vitreoretinal surgery. Oertli releases two trocar based chandelier solution that also offers a one-step access for an easy and quick connection.

There are many different surgical situations, in which chandelier illumination is beneficial for improving intraocular visibility and thereby achieving favourable surgical outcomes. Chandelier illumination facilitates clear intraocular visualisation and the surgeon can perform manipulations bimanually and thus more efficiently.

All chandelier illuminators from Oertli offer a one-step access through a quick trocar based solution either in three or four port vitrectomy surgeries. Due to the reliable snap lock connection, an accurate fixation into all Oertli Caliburn trocars is ensured. The surgeon can expect an extra wide and homogeneous illumination, as well as postoperative tight sclerotomies.

The flexible chandelier solution with a flexible light fiber, provides a global visibility of the fundus for all surgical maneuvers in the posterior segment. The extremely flexible loop of fiber brings high flexibility in application as well as in illumination and is compatible to all Oertli 23G, 25G and 27G trocar systems.

A rigid positioning through a bendable loop of fiber is the main benefit of the bendable chandelier solution. The bendable chandelier is easily re-positioned into Oertli’s 23G and 25G trocar systems.

Oertli offers a wide range of illumination solutions for vitreoretinal surgeries. All light instruments have the comfort magnetic connector to their posterior platforms as the OS 4 and Faros.

 Oertli’s flexible chandelier solution has an extremely flexible loop of fiber

Both, the flexible and bendable chandelier,
come along with Oertli’s Caliburn trocar system
and the magnetic comfort connector.



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