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Kestrel Ophthalmics, (a Cutting Edge company) is pleased to introduce an integrated medical and surgical approach to treat a range of conditions such as ocular surface disease through to cataract surgery and the selection of the appropriate intraocular lens and consumables.


Ocular surface disease is multifactorial with patients experiencing a variety of symptoms as a result of tear film insufficiency, ocular inflammation and blepharitis. Kestrel can offer a ‘tool kit’ to treat the varied symptoms of dry eye disease with Oftaox® 0.25% HA, Keradrop® a natural anti-inflammatory lubricant containing 2.5% Glycyrrhizin and Steriblef® a Micellar cleansing foam with natural ingredients for the care and hygiene of eyelids and eyelashes.

As a manufacturing IOL company through Cutting Edge Kestrel can offer a comprehensive range of intraocular lenses including the Synthesis® four loop haptic design and Genesis® C loop hydrophobic monofocal. On the Synthesis® platform a monofocal, toric and enhanced depth of focus lens are available.

Kestrel is also pleased to offer a range of surgical consumables such as trypan blue, viscoelastics and a range of single use instruments.

To complement its innovative range of products Kestrel is also pleased to announce the availability of Keralux® a hand-held UV-A single use device that can be used for all cross-linking protocols. 


Kestrel Ophthalmics Ltd
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