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John Weiss & Son will be hosting a FREE webinar entitled ‘Remodelling the Cornea & Managing Disease with KERARING Segments’ on 23 September 2021.

Mediphacos' KERARING intrastromal corneal ring segments are the most complete and versatile corneal remodelling system in the World. These precision implantable devices are used to correct corneal surface irregularities and reduce refractive errors associated with keratoconus and other corneal ectatic disorders.

The ‘Remodelling the Cornea & Managing Disease with KERARING Segments’ webinar will discuss a wide range of topics, including; ‘Surgical Technique’, ‘Patient Selection Criteria’ and ‘The Surgeon’s Aim & Goals When Using KERARING’. Other key areas covered by the webinar include; ‘How to build Implantation into Keratoconus Treatment Protocols for the Greatest Effect’, ‘Using the Nomogram for Surgical Planning’ and ‘Customisation Using Both the Standard and the AS Progressive KERARING Range’.

The webinar will be hosted by Mr Mathew Raynor, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Mathew is a very experienced user of KERARING intrastromal corneal ring segments and will present some interesting case studies and success stories.

Delivered using Zoom, the webinar is aimed at experienced cataract and refractive surgeons as well as those considering using the KERARING segments for the first time. It will be held on Thursday 23 September between 6.30pm and 7.30pm, and participants can register now by visiting

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