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Duckworth & Kent are proud to support NHS hospitals, treatment centres and independent providers with precision engineered titanium reusable instruments. We are pleased to announce that our range of over 500 products are now available on the Edge4Health platform, assisting our support for the health service. Being part of this platform forms part of an ongoing drive to give our customers easy access to world class instruments at competitive prices.

We manufacture an extensive range of reusable instruments from high-grade titanium alloy, conferring substantial advantages when compared with stainless steel alternatives, including being lightweight, non-magnetic, non-corrosive, non-reflective and durable. Our full range, including pricing, can be found on our website: and on Edge4Health.

Choosing titanium reusable instruments in preference to single-use helps to build a sustainable future by reducing waste. Invest in our instruments and stay at the leading edge of ophthalmology.



Duckworth & Kent
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