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The past several weeks have been difficult - and with the health and safety of health workers front of mind, Mainline Instrument Icare Tonometer is the most hygienic and fastest piece of equipment for measuring eye pressure in the market. 

Unlike many optical devices, the Icare Tonometer doesn’t use techniques such as drops, anesthesia or air puffs, but in fact, uses a single use probe. The probe allows for both a fast and accurate reading when obtaining the patient's eyes pressure and unlike air puff tonometers doesn’t create micro-aerosol formations, therefore reducing the risk of cross-contamination and infection. 

Patients of all ages can have their eye pressure measured safely using the Icare Tonometer and it can even be used for post-surgical applications. 

Jack Hawkins of Mainline Instruments said: “No specialist training is required to use the product. All a user needs to do is to load a disposable probe into the probe base, use the intelligent positioning assistant to align the tonometer. This ensures patients are comfortable, your results are accurate and everyone’s safe.” 

Jack Hawkins
T: +44 (0)121 458 6800

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