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Haag-Streit UK is pleased to announce that Hill RBF 3.0 is now available on all LENSTAR biometry devices.

The Hill-RBF method provides sophisticated IOL power selection using artificial intelligence. The method is constantly evolving, with data being collected by leading Cataract Surgeons, Worldwide. Completely free of calculation bias, the unique reliability checks provide confidence in successful outcomes and the new 3.0 version will show 50% less out-of-bounds warnings.

Hill-RBF 3.0 is based on a larger and more refined dataset than previous versions, providing more reliable and accurate IOL predictions, particularly for extremely short and long eyes.

The system now considers a number of new patient parameters to further refine both spherical and torical IOL power calculation. These include; lens thickness, white-to-white corneal diameter, central corneal thickness and patient gender.




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