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‘iStent inject® W Powerful, Predictable. Proven. Technology for you and your patients’


Caption: Richard Norman, Glaukos, Ike Ahmed, Ophthalmologist Canada ( global MIGs expert), Andrew Geddes,
Glaukos (VP Europe ME, India), Saikat Dutta, Glaukos General Manager India and Alberto Fernandes, Glaukos.


At the recent ESCRS Congress held in Milan, Glaukos held a well-attended Trabecular Micro-Bypass (TMB) symposium hosted by UK based Mr Gok Ratnarajan.

The symposium aimed to showcase the predictability of iStent inject® W in terms of IOP control, visual outcomes, follow up and highlight the benefits of iStent inject® W on a patient’s quality of life.

iStent inject® W, one of the smallest implantable ophthalmic devices at 360µm in length, made of biocompatible medical grade titanium provides proven and predictable efficacy with an acceptable risk profile in mild to moderate glaucoma patients at the time of cataract surgery.

The symposium began with some practical tips from Dr Verena Prokosch (Köln, Germany) for achieving consistent placement of the iStent inject® W.  This was followed by some personal reflections on patient selection from Dr Kjell Gunnar Gundersen, a high-volume cataract surgeon from Haugesund, Norway.  Dr Gundersen highlighted the predictability of his own results over three years, emphasizing that the refractive outcomes are not affected following iStent inject® W implantation combined with cataract surgery.  In fact, evidence presented from a high-volume cataract centre showed that cataract refractive outcomes may be improved in glaucoma patients if medication burden is eliminated or reduced.

Mr Gok Ratnarajan (East Grinstead, UK) stressed the importance of quality of life, and ocular comfort in patients undergoing Trabecular Micro-Bypass surgery, comparing his own clinical outcomes to the results of the iStent inject® pivotal study.  He showed that reductions in medication positively impacts quality of life in glaucoma patients, and presented evidence showing a significant improvement in patients QOL up to one year after combined surgery.  Finally, Dr Blake Williamson (Baton Rouge, US) presented evidence showing that long term efficacy has been proven with iStent inject® and stressed that as future glaucoma treatment options are better understood preserving the trabecular meshwork in mild to moderate patients may be extremely important, as are long term safety considerations such as PAS and endothelial cell loss.   



Glaukos and iStent inject® W



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