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The combined sodium hyaluronate (HA) concentration and high molecular weight produces a distinct OVD for cataract surgery

Ambient storage, no need to refrigerate: Stable without the need for refrigeration due to the new innovative formulation of HA

Designed to create volume, space and protection: The viscoelastic properties create and maintain space within the anterior chamber, along with corneal endothelium protection throughout surgery

Easy to remove: A highly viscous, cohesive, sterile OVD of high molecular weight that is easy to remove

High quality: Seamless transparency and homogeneity of the OVD which avoids any bubble formation due to the new state-of-the-art automated manufacturing

1.0ml syringe volume: 20% more OVD than standard 0.85ml volume syringes, providing confidence to complete your entire cataract procedure


For more, or to request a trial:
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