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Bausch + Lomb have recently been proud to launch Bi-Blade® Vitrectomy Cutter technology in the UK and Ireland. Exclusively available on our Stellaris Elite model of the Stellaris® Vision Enhancement System, Bi-Blade® technology features a dual-blade design which cuts vitreous on both the down and up stroke doubling the cut rate to 15,000 cuts per minute thereby reducing the risk of traction on the retina. As it is a dual-port blade design, Bi-Blade® increases duty cycle by ensuring that the port remains open whatever the blade position during operation.

The increased cut rate and duty cycle serve to increase the flow of vitreous from the eye. We have trialled the technology with key surgeons from across the UK who have remarked on the noticeably reduced vitrectomy times* and the robust nature of the cutters themselves - even in 27G.

Bi-Blade® Vitrectomy Cutters are available in 25G and 27G, with 23G expected to launch before the end of 2019.




* Versus Bausch + Lomb standard guillotine cutters. ®/™ Stellaris and Stellaris Elite are trademarks of Bausch & Lomb Incorporated or its affiliates. All other product/brand names and/or logos are trademarks of the respective owners. ©2019 Bausch & Lomb Incorporated or its affiliates.


Should you be interested in trialling the Stellaris Elite™ or Bi-Blade® vitrectomy, please contact your local Equipment Specialist or our Customer Services Team:

T: 020 8781 0000

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