In conversation with Niven Smith

Eye News spoke to Niven Smith about Glaukos, exciting products and developments, and how they plan to innovate.

In conversation with Denize Atan (UK-EGG)

We spoke to Denize Atan, co-president of the UK Eye Genetics Group, about their upcoming meeting in June, and her recent session entitled ‘Neuro-ophthalmology Nightmares’.

In conversation with Bernie Chang (RCOphth President)

We spoke to Professor Bernie Chang, President of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, about his highlights so far, the curriculum update being delivered tomorrow, and the innovations required to run the Congress this year.

In conversation with Andrena McElvanney

Eye News speak to Andrena McElvanney about her symposium at the RCOphth Congress, and her work with MCLOSA.

60 Seconds with Mainline Instruments Ltd

We spoke with Jonathan Sugden from Mainline Instruments Ltd about their plans for the future and the icare Eidon ultra-widefield imaging device.

In conversation with Dr Monicah Bitok, Global Inclusive Eye Health Advisor (CBM)

Eye News spoke to Dr Monicah Bitok, Global Inclusive Eye Health Advisor with the Christian Blind Mission (CBM), about the rise in diabetes-related preventable blindness, systemic ophthalmic changes in low- and middle-income countries, and the impacts of a COVID-19-induced backlog...

Mucormycosis: In conversation with Dr Deepak Haldipur and Dr Aditya Moorthy

COVID-19 has ravaged the world in the past 18 months. The second wave in many countries was deadlier than the first. Mucormycosis, infamously labelled ‘the black fungus’ has affected some countries, such as India, in epidemic proportions within this COVID...

Prof Dhillon discusses the importance of educational events

Eye News Co-editor Prof Baljean Dhillon shares a few words about the importance of educational events, particularly for trainees, as we move on from the worst of COVID-19.

In conversation with Professor Bernie Chang, President, Royal College of Ophthalmologists

Congratulations on your appointment as RCOphth President in May last year. COVID-19 hit just before your presidency started. This must have been an incredibly challenging time to take the reins. How has the College risen to the challenges? Thank you....

In conversation with Robert F Walters, Orbis Trustee

Can you give us a brief overview of the organisation and its hope for the future? Orbis International is a global non-governmental organisation (NGO) which is dedicated to the prevention of blindness. We’ve now been going since 1982. We’re very...

Dr David Hoyle - ‘Demystifying AI: everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask’

Dr David Hoyle, Senior Research Data Scientist and Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester, delivers his talk ‘Demystifying AI: everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask’ at the Eye News ‘AI and New Technology’ Symposium in...

Professor Tariq Aslam lecture - 'Will a robot take my job?'

Eye News Co-editor Professor Tariq Aslam, from the University of Manchester, delivers his keynote lecture ‘Will a robot take my job?’ at the Eye News ‘AI and New Technology’ Symposium in Glasgow in January 2020.