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The eye surgeon and eye physician together: the joint ophthalmic clinic

Since the early 19th century, physicians and surgeons have been working together in eye clinics and hospitals to bring about the best outcome for the patients. From the early Babylonian age, important advances in ophthalmic knowledge arose in a stuttered...

RSM (Royal Society of Medicine) Subspecialty ophthalmology update symposium

Join us in-person at the RSM to hear from highly knowledgeable speakers who will provide an in-depth perspective on ophthalmic subspecialties now covered in this year’s programme to highlight current trends and controversies in a combined specialty forum. By attending...

Ophthalmology specialty training applications: a costly affair?

Ophthalmology is one of the most competitive specialties to pursue training in worldwide. In the United Kingdom, the ST1 entry national selection competition ratio for the past few years has ranged between four to five applicants per post [1]. The...

Will COVID-19 impact the selection of ophthalmology as a career choice by medical students?

The COVID-19 pandemic has had profound effects on medical education and has called for large shifts in the medical curriculum. Clinical attachments were suspended at the height of the pandemic and examinations were cancelled or were moved to an online...

New President and President-elect of the UK and Éire Glaucoma Society announced (1)

Glaucoma UK has announced the appointments of the new President and President-elect for its UK and Éire Glaucoma Society (UKEGS).

My top five: A foundation doctor’s top five misconceptions about ophthalmology

Choosing a specialty is challenging. As a foundation doctor, it often feels as if this choice is based solely on fleeting experiences. Compared to other specialties, there is relatively little exposure to ophthalmology during either medical school or foundation years....

Competition ratios: Is the future of ophthalmology too bright?

In the UK, ophthalmology is a highly competitive speciality, attracting many medical graduates keen to pursue a career in this area. However, in recent years, the competition ratios for ophthalmology ST1 training posts have increased significantly, creating a challenging environment...

The clues of the eye – what is medical ophthalmology?

The author looks at the increasingly significant role of medical ophthalmologists and the importance of integrative healthcare. The eye is a remarkable organ, and for decades we have been discovering intimations of pathology existing elsewhere in the body [1] simply...

First UK doctor dies due to Covid-19

An ear, nose and throat consultant has become the first UK doctor confirmed to have died of coronavirus.

The University of Edinburgh - Supporting Future Leaders in Ophthalmology

The University of Edinburgh announce plan to award twelve scholarships this summer for successful international applicants to their Master of Surgery (ChM) in Clinical Ophthalmology programme. Deadline for application closes 15th June.

SPOKE launches Indicative Guidance for contact lens opticians and independent prescribers

The Sector Partnership for Optical Knowledge and Education (SPOKE) has published two new Indicative Guidance documents.