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BI 900 Slit Lamp

The BI 900 slit lamp offers the same functionality as the popular BM 900, with the addition of some exciting enhancements. It boasts an enhanced 14mm LED illumination which allows the user to illuminate a larger area on the anterior...

Orthoptic slit-lamp

Adaptations are described that allow the slit-lamp to be used to document squint disorders. Changes are made in the observation system, illumination system, for recording clinical findings and visualisation of clinical findings. The author includes the use of minus lens...

Keeler Portable Slit Lamp

Birmingham Optical supply the full range of Keeler equipment.

BX 900 Slit Lamp

THE leading slit lamp imaging device, the BX 900 combines the latest imaging technology with optical brilliance and high-quality mechanics, providing professional ophthalmic photography. The superior technology allows the maximum utilisation of available light and offers an extremely sharp and...

SL-17 Portable Slit Lamp

The SL-17 from Kowa. Key benefits: Versatile portable units Flexible recording tool 2 year manufacturers warranty 3 slit widths Cobalt blue filter Extra-bright LED light source High illumination LED

Eyesi Slit Lamp

The Eyesi Slit Lamp is a state-of-the-art virtual reality simulator and training system for ophthalmologists, optometrists and other slit lamp users. Anterior & posterior slit lamp simulator training Same functions as the Haag-Streit BQ 900 slit lamp Fundoscopy & gonioscopy...

Haag-Streit launches 4th ‘Slit Lamp Imaging Competition’

Haag-Streit UK (HS-UK), is pleased to announce the launch of the Haag-Streit ‘Slit Lamp Imaging Competition 2022’.

BQ 900 Slit Lamp & Imaging

The BQ900 combines precision mechanics with world-class optics, whilst the LED provides the sharpest, brightest, most homogeneous illumination available. The IM900 imaging module contains freeze technology for unparalleled, high-speed image capture. Energy saving LED illumination Ergonomic; combined slit & background...

Righton MW50D LED Slit Lamp

Setting a new benchmark in slit lamp bio-microscopy. 50x magnification and the widest field’s of view of any other slit lamp 5x (ø44.4), 10x (ø22.3), 16x (ø14.2), 25x (ø9.0) and 50x (ø4.5). 1 to 16mm continuous slit width complements the...

Takagi ST-40 Slit Lamp Workstation

This quintessential slit lamp table features a new slide mechanism design that does not attach to the table. The tabletop of this ultimate Smart Table is so thin, it feels like there’s nothing between the patient and the user other...

Haag-Streit Academy expands e-learning platform with new slit lamp content

Slit lamp users can now sign-up for the Haag-Streit Academy Slit Lamp E-learning Portal, offering FREE user account access to comprehensive slit lamp and slit lamp imaging training and educational material.

Keeler Digital/Non-digital Slit Lamp

Birmingham Optical supply the full range of Keeler equipment.
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