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AOP urges drivers to see an optometrist about vision concerns

The Association of Optometrists has reminded motorists to contact their optometrist if they have concerns about their vision.

New Ophthalmic Nurse Triage Course launched

A new online Ophthalmic Nurse Triage Course has been developed by Stanley Keys, an experienced hospital optometrist based in Inverness and developer of Optometry Evolution (an educational website for eye-care professionals.)

Zak Tomlinson joins Heidelberg Engineering Academy team

Heidelberg Engineering has recruited a new imaging expert, Zak Tomlinson, to join the Academy department.

It’s All in Your Head: Stories from the Frontline of Psychosomatic Illness

Have you ever reviewed a patient with unexplained symptoms? It’s All in Your Head by Consultant Neurologist Dr Suzanne O’Sullivan is a non-fiction book about patients with psychosomatic disorders. In each of the nine book chapters, she presents an anonymised...

Welcome Nick Smith to Sight Sciences International Team

Sight Sciences is happy to welcome Nick Smith to its International Team. Nick joins as Senior Product Manager and will head up international marketing for the company’s Surgical Glaucoma division.

Care journeys of patients with central retinal artery occlusion

The authors present a retrospective case note review of all adult patients referred for or diagnosed with central retinal artery occlusion (CRAO) to a single tertiary hospital over a 10½ year period. A total of 181 patients were included in...

Developing community eye care: the GOS package in Scotland

In the second in the series about community eye care in the home nations, Janet Pooley explains how Scotland has developed its services within GOS. The United Kingdom has devolved healthcare; the powers were transferred from Westminster to Scotland and...

Patients with low vision benefit from optical sector seeing ‘beyond the eyes’

Patients with low vision are benefitting from an initiative developed by Visualise Training and Consultancy and funded by Thomas Pocklington Trust. Seeing Beyond the Eyes has released its impact report which highlights a huge increase in the number of optical professionals who will now refer patients with low vision to vital support services – up from only 9% to an impressive 96%.

Heidelberg Engineering is recruiting for clinical trainer and sales team roles

Heidelberg Engineering is taking applications for three exciting job roles within the UK organisation.

Embracing assistive technology in the fight against sight loss

The author shares his own experience of sight loss and explains the vital role assistive technology can play in the lives of visually impaired patients. There is no doubt that sight loss continues to be a clear and present danger,...

Treating minor eye conditions in optometry practices: is this a viable model for the future?

The role of the optometrist has expanded in recent years as community eye care services have changed. With the limited scope of general ophthalmic services (GOS) regulations in most parts of the UK, the funding to support additional care has...

Meeting the needs of older patients in optics

Fiona Anderson discusses the important role of community-based eyecare practitioners in meeting the visual needs of ageing patients. It has been well documented that today we live for longer. Statistics show in 1997, around one in every six people (15.9%)...