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Visually Impaired Creators perform at Edinburgh Fringe

What’s it like to see a show… without seeing it?

Introducing EziDrops, the incredibly simple and effective aid for administering eye drops

Ezidrops Ltd. Is an innovative inventor of simple to use Eye and Ear Drop Applicators.

Childhood glaucoma

When a child is given a diagnosis of glaucoma, the impact upon that child and their family is enormous; equivalent to the diagnosis of a cancer [14]. This article outlines the knowledge, techniques and approaches that offer solutions to the...

Clues from the Cutter meeting

Bausch + Lomb were proud to sponsor the inaugural Clues from the Cutter meeting held at the Anglia Ruskin Medical School in Chelmsford in June.

Building leaders for eye care in Africa: the COECSA-RCOphth VISION 2020 LINK

The VISION 2020 LINK [1] between the College of Ophthalmology of Eastern, Central and Southern Africa (COECSA) and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) has been building leaders of eye care in Africa since 2008, when a Memorandum of Understanding...

Will it change management?

Like most doctors I have read and am a fan of Samuel Shem’s House of God, with my favourite Rule being Rule 10: “If you don’t take a temperature you can’t find a fever.” If you don’t intend to treat...

My Top Five: Ophthalmology Twitter accounts

There are approximately 4.2 billion active social media users worldwide. This figure represents over half of the global population and is steadily rising [1]. There are currently over 217 million active Twitter users and given the platform’s versatility and ability...

New YouGov data reveals that 2/3 British adults support greater use of independent health providers to cut waiting times

New YouGov data reveals that two-thirds of British adults support greater use of independent health providers to cut waiting times amid cross-party calls for NHS reform.

The approach to trabeculectomy postoperative complications

Performing a trabeculectomy is like giving birth to a baby. It may be traumatic and there is scope for devastating error but once the operation is completed only then does the real work begin. The bleb must be nurtured into...

BVI launch Vitreq® 29G Directional Spotlight Chandelier

The device facilitates bimanual surgery for vitreoretinal procedures with an integrated directional function and wide-view fibre tip for global endo-illumination.

Aniridia Network 2023 Conference: Amy's experience as a first-time attendee

I have lived with aniridia since birth; and no matter how many specialised doctors you see or how many other people with visual impairments you meet, you still feel isolated, different and misunderstood. This is the exact reason Aniridia Network is important.