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Are you concerned about your safety, your colleagues, staff and patients due to Covid-19? Trying to do everything you can do limit the spread?  
It is impossible to ‘physically distance’ for many activities such as working at the slit lamp and providing IVT injections for example. Whilst there are additional measures we can take such as slit lamp screens, not talking there is still risk. It is possible to minimise the risk and stress of working in close proximity even further with the Toul Mobile.


  • 99.995% of all particles and lint from the air that potentially carry bacteria or viruses are filtered out
  • a safe barrier is created between people that are in close proximity
  • the current SARS-Cov-2 coronavirus correlates to particles of size 0.05-0.15. These and many other sizes of potentially harmful particles are effectively captured by the Toul Mobile 

In addition the Toul Mobile is fully mobile and location independent, for use in ophthalmology and other specialties where working in close proximity creates a risk to staff and patients.

Learn more about the Toul Mobile here:

We appreciate this is a difficult time for everyone and we thank all those involved in the fight against coronavirus. We are here to help create the safest working environments with the Toul Mobile for now and in the future. 


T:  01625 618816

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