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Look no further for cataract products.

Surgitrac Instruments UK provides an impressive selection of essential products for cataract surgery.

In addition to our single-use and reusable instruments we offer:

  • Biotech -Viscoelastic - Sodium Hyaluronate 1.0mg/ml, 1.4mg/ml, 1ml PFS
  • Biotech -Trypan blue ophthalmic solution 0.06% 1ml PFS
  • Biotech - HPMC 2ML PFS• Medicel - I/A handpieces.
  • Surgicut - Ophthalmic knives
  • STERI SLEEVE - Sterile microscope handle covers
  • Brumaba -Genius Eye Mobile Operating Tables

View these products, and their specifications at

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Surgitrac UK

T: + 44 (0)161 776 7626

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