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The latest offering from Icare in rebound tonometry is the ic200. The device is based on a rebound measuring principle that requires no drops, air or specialised skills for its use. The technology is a proven technique for obtaining accurate and rapid IOP measurements.



The new premium design and user interface bring IOP measuring to the next level.

The Icare ic200 is designed for professional use in the operation room, emergency room as well as the clinic. It is fully portable, requires no anaesthesia and its freedom of positioning allows measuring whether the patient is sitting, standing, half-sitting or in the supine or lateral recumbent position.

A high-visibility indicator at the probe base confirms your positioning of the tonometer prior to measurement. A green light indicates measurement will be reliable, a red light indicates incorrect positioning.

The ic200 enables effortless probe loading with the same probe as the ic100 tonometer and the probe can’t accidentally drop from the device.

Mainline Instruments are the exclusive UK distributor for the Icare tonometer and we are also able to offer full service, support and training for the devices. 





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