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Surgitrac instruments offers IVT procedure pack IVT249P.

This single-use, ready to use procedure pack contains a selection of specialist instruments, required by suitably trained professionals to perform the intravitreal injection.

Manufactured in the UK, one pack contains all the essentials for one procedure, removing the need for reprocessing.

IVT249P includes Surgitrac Instruments Kratz Barraquer speculum, Braunstein calliper, Rampleys forceps, 5ml luer lock syringe and an opaque slit drape. Further consumable items include; gauzes, gallipots, cotton swabs, and hand towels, presented in a plastic tray and sterile wrap.

In the operating theatre, single use helps to reduce set up times, reduces the risks associated with cross contamination, and eliminates the cost of reprocessing.

*Image is for illustrative purpose only pack, contents and specifications differ according to chosen specification.

Contact us to discuss your requirements for intravitreal injection or to try our new pack email quote pack IVT249P.



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