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The Genius Eye Pro operating table from renowned manufacturer Brumaba is designed specifically for ophthalmic procedures.

The Genius features an ergonomically designed horseshoe shaped headrest, with a patented ball joint that ensures stable and comfortable head positioning. These features combined allow improved access to the patients’ heads.

The operating table is very easy to manoeuvre due to its four directional wheels, and its lift brake system makes light work of patient positioning, and transportation.

Intelligent too, incorporating a built-in memory function, with a remote control, that provides a range of pre-programmable positions, including Trendelenburg.

Suitable for patients <250kg.

An extensive range of accessories, such as adjustable armrests are available.


To arrange a COVID-19 safe onsite demonstration contact:

Surgitrac UK quoting "eye news"
T: +44 (0)161 776 7626

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