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HS-UK is delighted to announce that it is now the authorised distributor for the Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) in the UK.

The DRV offers unique, glasses-free stereoscopic 3D display technology, combining natural visualisation with outstanding depth perception.



Designed and manufactured in the UK, the DRV was developed by Vision Engineering, who have more than 60 years’ experience in design and manufacture of optical and digital instruments for ergonomic microscopy. The unique technology behind the DRV’s stereo image presentation overcomes the need for polarised glasses by projecting independent optical channels to the user’s eyes, replicating natural stereo vision and perception of depth.

The DRV can be used to aid both surgical and diagnostic training. Boasting an ergonomic ‘heads up’ design, it allows the user to comfortably perform, demonstrate and supervise surgical simulations in high 3D magnification. The full HD display image is delivered at an ergonomically optimised angle to support good posture and reduce back and neck strain.

Used in conjunction with the Haag-Streit BQ 900 slit lamp, the DRV enables co-observation for teaching, either in real-time or recorded for later review. A stereo camera positioned between the slit lamp optics and eyepieces allows simultaneous viewing of the optical stereo image in the slit lamp and the digital image in the DRV.

The DRV enables the teacher to view the stereo image in real time with no noticeable latency. Additionally, live stereo video can be streamed from one DRV to another, allowing multiple users to view in stereo, whilst it is also possible for one channel to be streamed to an external mono screen for audience viewing.

Dean Johnson, HS-UK Managing Director, said, “The DRV is a fantastic addition to the HS-UK product portfolio and is a natural expansion of our educational suite of training and simulation products. We are excited to bring this to the UK ophthalmic market and believe it offers fantastic opportunities for both surgical and diagnostic training.”

Stewart Mardell, Vision Engineering Vice President, said, “Vision Engineering is delighted to be working with Haag-Streit UK to bring our DRV glasses-free stereo display to the UK’s ophthalmic sector. The combination of Vision Engineering’s 65 years of ergonomic microscopy and Haag-Streit’s extensive ophthalmic expertise will offer significant benefits to slit lamp teaching and simulated ocular surgery.”



For more information on the DRV, please call Haag-Streit UK on (01279) 883807
or email

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