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Haag-Streit UK is pleased to announce the launch of the Eyestar 900 swept-source OCT-based eye analyser in the UK. Swept-source technology enables precise measurement of the entire eye as well as topographic assessment of the front and back corneal surface and the anterior chamber, including the lens.

The Eyestar provides all of these measurements, along with pachymetry maps and A and B-scan imaging in one measuring procedure, on a single device. The fully-automated measurement process optimises workflow and enables the user to acquire precise measurements and imaging data of both eyes, in less than 40 seconds.

The Eyestar 900 also features well-established dual zone reflective keratometry, specifically for cataract applications, providing precise keratometry and astigmatism measurements compatible with IOL constants. This information, combined with topographic imaging data, pachymetry maps and swept-source OCT B-scans, enables the eye care specialist to accurately diagnose a patient, plan surgical procedures, predict outcomes and to control the intervention efficacy of cataract, refractive and anterior chamber surgeries.

Powered by EyeSuite, the Eyestar 900 can be seamlessly integrated into a practice environment. It boasts a large and established IOL suite of state-of-the-art calculation formula, including; Hill-RBF 3.0, Barrett’s True K and True K Toric, Olsen, Masket and Shammas no history method.


Eyestar 900 Haag-Streit UK

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