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Haag-Streit UK (HS-UK), the leading manufacturer and distributor of gold-standard diagnostic and surgical devices and instruments for ophthalmologists, optometrists, and orthoptists, is pleased to announce the launch of the iTrack™ Advance in the UK.

The iTrack™ Advance, from Nova Eye Medical, is a next generation canaloplasty device for glaucoma. It builds on the legacy of the Company’s proprietary iTrack™ device which has been used in more than 100,000 canaloplasty procedures globally.

Canaloplasty is a surgical treatment for glaucoma that is designed to re-establish the function of the conventional outflow pathway, the primary drainage pathway in the eye responsible for regulating the outflow of aqueous fluid. This contrasts with traditional glaucoma surgical treatments that bypass or remove a portion of the conventional outflow pathway.


According to Managing Director of Nova Eye Medical, Tom Spurling, there has been a marked increase in interest in canaloplasty from both surgeons and the wider industry over the past 12-18 months. Mr Spurling commented, “An implant-free procedure that preserves the trabecular meshwork for subsequent procedures, canaloplasty offers significant utility to surgeons and their patients. The introduction of the iTrack Advance™ underscores our commitment to grow the canaloplasty field.”

The iTrack™ Advance features the proprietary illuminated fiber optic tip of the original iTrack™ device, which allows the surgeon to continuously monitor the location of the device in Schlemm’s canal. It also features a proprietary guide-wire mechanism that enables the microcatheter to catheterise up to 360 degrees of the canal in a single intubation.

The new iTrack™ Advance device is designed to improve the overall efficiency of the canaloplasty procedure. Nova Eye expects the introduction of iTrack™ Advance to drive increased surgeon uptake of the canaloplasty procedure by cataract surgeons and comprehensive ophthalmologists.

Tom Spurling, Managing Director of Nova Eye, said, “Canaloplasty is globally recognised as a highly effective treatment option for glaucoma. The intricacies of the procedure, however, which have included manual intubation of the microcatheter through the canal using forceps, previously limited its adoption by a broad cross section of surgeons.”

Mr Spurling continued, “We see iTrack™ Advance being readily adopted into the glaucoma toolkit of cataract surgeons and comprehensive ophthalmologists. This will ensure improved access to the canaloplasty procedure for a greater number of glaucoma patients worldwide.”

Grahame Wood, HS-UK National Sales Manager, said, “We are really excited to launch the iTrack™ Advance into the UK market. The new easy-to-use handpiece makes the canaloplasty procedure faster and easier to perform, improving efficiency. We will be showcasing the iTrack™ Advance device at the forthcoming Royal College of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress and we encourage surgeons to come along and see the device on the HS-UK stand.”



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