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Haag Streit is pleased to announce the release of the results of its Slit Lamp Imaging Competition 2023.

Pia Emilia Lohri, from Lucerne Cantonal Hospital, Switzerland, was the competition’s overall winner. Her image, taken on the BX 900 slit lamp, displays a patient with dislocated intraocular lens. The image was selected for its overall execution. Pia wins a top-of-the-range Nikon Z 6 II plus NIKKOR lenses and will have her work published in a leading ophthalmic journal.

Yang Zhang, of Beijing Tongren Hospital, China, takes the runner-up position. His image—of the exudative membrane connecting the anterior capsule to the cornea—was praised for its technical mastery. Yang wins an Apple Watch Ultra for his great work.

Katie Lachut-Yevich from VCU Health System, USA achieved third place. Her image, displaying a Morgagnian cataract, impressed the jury with its artistry. Katie takes the prize of a stylish Ona Brixton leather camera bag for her efforts.

With over 350 submissions from 18 countries, including USA, UEA, China, India, Mexico, and Australia, as well as representation all over Europe, the competition once again united ophthalmic photographers from around the world. Now in its fourth year, the competition also attracted the most image submissions so far, making it the most popular round of the contest to date.

The competition was judged by a panel of jurors that included Marc Curchod, professional photographer, Jesús Conejero, ophthalmologist, and Frank Wenger and Jacqui Kenyon, both of Haag-Streit.

Many of the winning images were taken on the Haag-Streit slit lamp, which is tailor-made for ophthalmic photographers. Juror Frank Wenger commented: “On behalf of Haag-Streit, we are proud to discover that once again, the very best images were captured by our BX 900 slit lamp. Congratulations to all our entrants—we are inspired by your passion for this competition.”



More information is available on the Haag-Streit website here.

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