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Growing up as an early teen in the 90s, I have always loved celebrating art in childhood academic cooking classes, through to cake making for work events. Relating my hobby in fine arts to most recent news, a range of food canvases were displayed in Wales for a charity fundraising art event, linked to eye food health.

On this occasion, however, I spoke to Katie Curran, a postdoctoral researcher and locum optometrist. Katie also loves to bake and got her family involved in cooking. A therapeutic form of creative art, which showcased beautiful edible pieces, a yummy visual delight in line with her work.


Made by Katie Curran.


Pavlova made by Katie’s parents.


Cupcakes made by Katie’s sister-in-law.


A birthday gift made for a colleague.


As eyecare professionals working in ophthalmic care, Northern Ireland saw some challenging times in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 pandemic of working at home. One way to bring families together in this testing time was to make activities fun for all where possible. The Ophthalmic Grading Centre in Belfast organised families to come together to participate in interactive activities, collaborating work with fun, to celebrate vision and the gift of sight. The families brainstormed many ideas for creating edible art and chose pieces to make in a bake-off, from cupcakes to pavlovas! This was then showcased in an interactive online webinar, led by the Ophthalmic Grading Centre. From coloured icing to whipped creams, pieces were welcomed in an exercise involving the young to the elderly, from family members to work colleagues, many of them creating a piece of edible art from scratch. On its success, the organisers in Belfast wish to continue showcasing eye health in a new light: a tasty vision of delight!


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Rahila Bashir

Senior Ophthalmic Research Image Grader in National and International Grading Projects.

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Katie Curran

Belfast Ophthalmic Reading Centre, Queen’s University Belfast, UK.

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