Event Details
Date: 11 July 2020

Location name: WEBINAR

Contact: Pieter Versteeg

Tel: +31 85 760 7630

Complications in cataract surgery are often a nightmare for surgeons. Intraoperative complications are more common in diabetic patients, and solving aphakia in these cases remains a challenge.
In a recently published study, Dr Matias Iglicki, Dr Dinah Zur and colleagues analysed the role of a secondary sutureless scleral intraocular lens (IOL) flanged fixation in diabetic patients without capsular support. Also, the investigators compared the anatomical and functional outcomes using a 30 gauge (G) ultrathin wall needle vs. a 27-G needle. The authors reported that compared to a 27G needle technique, the sutureless IOL flanged technique using a 30G UTW needle is more predictable and has fewer complications in aphakic diabetic patients.
Join the webinar on July 11th, where the investigators will present and discuss the findings of this study in full, including a live Q&A session.