SOC (Scottish Optical Conference) 2024

Glasgow, UK

Thea Academy: Can we make glaucoma surgery even more successful?

Glaucoma surgery has an important place in the management of patients and can lead to long-term positive outcomes. There are some factors that impact glaucoma surgery success (e.g. surgical technique, choice of surgery, correct referral, preservative-free eye drops, patient adherence to pre/post op recommendations). Ms Nishani Amerasinghe will discuss how glaucoma surgery can become even more successful by influencing these factors, with concrete patients’ cases

OIA (Ophthalmic Imaging Association) Conference 2024

Nottingham, UK
The Ophthalmic Imaging Association (OIA) is excited to announce that this year's annual conference will be held on the 22 - 23 November at Eastwood Hall in Nottingham. Registration is now open and can be completed at We encourage...

Women in Vision UK Winter Meeting

Bristol, UK

Medisoft: mediSIGHT Lunch and Learn Webinar (Dec 24)

@ 13:00 - 14:00

Eyecare Glasgow 2025

Glasgow, UK