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CHEC and Royal National Institute for Blind People Launch Strategic Partnership

CHEC has today announced the launch of a new partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People.

Blind veterans continue hillwalking passion thanks to power of VR

Imagine being a keen hillwalker who loves the outdoors but then being unable to enjoy it because of sight loss. Fortunately, many veterans of the Armed Forces who have visual impairment can climb their favourite mountains again, thanks to Sight Scotland Veterans.

Blind woman left traumatised after she feared falling in front of speeding train

A blind woman footballer from Edinburgh was left traumatised after she feared falling in front of a speeding train when rail staff never showed up to help her.

Blind and partially sighted actors star in charity films aimed at getting people to think #BeforeYouAsk

Leading sight loss charity the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has released a series of humorous, yet challenging, #BeforeYouAsk short films as part of its See the Person, Not the Sight Loss campaign which aims to raise awareness of and dispel misconceptions about sight loss.

Blinking and driving

Spontaneous blinking is dependent on cognitive processes and is regulated by a central pacemaker that is highly sensitive to the attention demands and cognitive workload of the visual task in hand. There is evidence of a variability in the frequency...

What's trending Aug/Sep 2020

Life, at least from headlines, is certainly awakening again. #DominicCummings #Specsavers #BarnardCastleeyetest In one of the bizarre developments of #coronaviruslife, Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s most senior advisor, claimed he drove to Barnard Castle from Durham to test his eyesight. He...

Outcomes and complications of supramaximal levator resection

This is a report of 35 children with unilateral congenital ptosis who underwent a supramaximal levator resection, involving extensive dissection of levator including cutting Whitnall’s ligament. The average preoperative margin reflex distance to the upper lid (MRD1) was 0.5mm, and...

Blink Medical team attend launch of Orbis UK Surgical Fund Appeal

Blink Medical’s Managing Director Roger Tyler and Sales Director Tim Price attended the Orbis UK charity event on 14 September 2021 to mark the launch of their Surgical Fund Appeal at the Royal College of Surgeons in central London.

Case reports of ‘ictal lid saccades’ and ‘ictal blinks’

The authors present two cases of lid movements with discrete physiology and propose the terms ‘ictal lid saccades’ and ‘ictal blink’ to describe the movements seen. These two types of lid movement, blinks and saccades, have discrete kinematic properties and...

Differences between ages and onset in functional network changes associated with reading Braille

Visual impairment affects learning ability, speed and accuracy required for reading, writing and learning memory in terms of educational performance. Braille training requires decoding of simple dots into meaningful words and sentences. The objectives of this study were to evaluate...

Smartphone use and its effects on eyes

Longitudinal pilot study on 12 young healthy adults comparing effects of smartphone use over a 60-minute period. Reading conditions and smartphone use was standardised for all participants. Ocular symptoms, tear function and binocular vision were assessed before and after each...