The #EyeCareSupportPathway is a framework, developed by RNIB and partners across the sector, for the NHS, social care organisations, the third sector and the public to use to support the transformation of eye care and eye services.

To read a more in-depth report of the pathway, head over to the RNIB's press release, and view the pathway graphic below, followed by a guide to its usage.  



Guide to using the eye care support pathway diagram

  • The NHS, social care, third sector have come together to develop a UK eyecare support pathway. Information about the co-designed pathway and the co-produced report is available from the RNIB website.
  • Organisations are encouraged to use the pathway graphic, which is an intrinsic part of the report, to support the dissemination of the report and implementation of the pathway.
  • The graphic is copyrighted to ensure it is used consistently in its current form. Please do not add any logos within the graphic or any additional text to the graphic itself.
  • Logos can be added outside of the graphic – for example when designing a web page to go on an organisation’s website about the support pathway and the work the organisation is undertaking on it.