OrCam Technologies, innovator of life-changing, personal 'AI as a companion' solutions, has announced the UK launch of the OrCam Read 3, an all-in-one solution for people with vision loss or reading fatigue, or who find reading challenging.

The next generation of the OrCam Read device with enhanced features – a 2021 TIME Magazine 100 Best Inventions Winner – the OrCam Read 3 has been designed to revolutionise the way people with vision loss interact with visual content including pictures and text. 



With its advanced features and innovative design, the OrCam Read 3 combines handheld voice-activated reading companion, next-generation magnifier and a stationary reader stand in a single device  all supported by an intuitive AI assistant that provides instant summarisation of text, from a few sentences to an entire page. 

“We recognise that people have different preferences for reading and interacting with visual materials at various stages of their lives,” said Irie Metzer, UK Regional Director of OrCam Technologies. “The OrCam Read 3 is a unique solution that combines different reading aids into one device for an effortless and enhanced reading experience. It gives people who are visually impaired or have reading fatigue the confidence and independence to read at their own pace through the magnifier or have the device read to them.”

The OrCam Read 3 serves as a portable handheld reading companion, with easy-to-navigate yellow buttons, giving instant access and listening to printed, handwritten or digital text from any surface, whether at home or on the go. In addition, the smart reading feature enables the user to easily locate and navigate specific words within the text.  



A further enhancement of the OrCam Read 3 is the next-generation magnifier, turning any screen device into a browser-based magnifier. It enables the user to zoom in on text, handwriting, images or math equations, giving them the option to read independently and negate the use of a separate magnifier.

The OrCam Read 3’s stationary reader has been introduced for hands-free reading, whereby the device can be placed on the specially designed stand. It can read any printed or digital text aloud, so the reader can relax, sit back and listen. The stand is lightweight and collapsible for easy storage so it can be easily used on the go.

OrCam Technologies has become known for its breakthrough innovations in assistive technology platforms, including the OrCam MyEye wearable device for people who are blind or visually impaired and the OrCam Learn handheld device, supporting people with dyslexia and learning difficulties. The company remains focused on continuous research and development to help users maximise their potential with personal AI assistance that provides new access to the world.