Eye News are delighted to be taking Heidelberg's Clinical Director, and artist, Steve Thomson's artworks to the RCOphth this May. With a range of works that would liven up any practice, office or even living room, we invite all attendees to come and see us at Stand 24, to bask in the canvases and discover a new favourite.

As part of our exciting remit of special events, news and giveaways at the RCOphth, Mr Thomson's artworks will be on display. With the event returning in-person after its enforced hiatus, it is the ideal time for attendees to walk away with a unique piece of art which marks not only ophthalmic developments, but the resurgence of the ophthalmic community.

Working with Fight for Sight, a pioneering research charity aimed at stopping sight loss, Eye News will be selling the artworks to raise money for the charity. Prices start at £195, and payment will be made through Fight for Sight's donation page. Of course, as this is a charitable donation by way of payment, we invite happy customers to go above this threshold should they so desire. 

Speaking in 2019, when the notion was first drafted, Sherine Krause, Chief Executive of Fight for Sight, said: “We’re delighted to have been chosen as the charity partner for the Eye News photography auction at the RCOphth Annual Congress. The funds raised from the auction will be invested in pioneering eye research to help stop sight loss. It’s an exciting time in eye research and researchers are on the cusp of so many breakthroughs, yet eye research is woefully underfunded. Thanks to Eye News and readers for supporting this important cause.” 

The artworks on offer can be viewed below. Happy customers are welcome to donate and walk away with their pieces. However, should anyone be commuting or pressed for time, Eye News is happy to mail on the artwork at a later date. Our team will be on hand to take down details and make arrangements which best suit any and all aficionados. 



Iris Oil Painting

Waves of Endothelium

Cataract Storm

Multifocal Map

Stained Glass Posterior Capsule


More information on Fight for Sight can be found here: www.fightforsight.org.uk

About Steve Thomson

Steve Thomson has more than 40 years of experience in Ophthalmology and clinical imaging. He trained as an Ophthalmic Photographer at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee and then became senior Ophthalmic Photographer at University of Edinburgh. Steve was responsible for the imaging needs of a busy clinical and academic eye department and contributed to the evolution of digital imaging in ophthalmology. Projects in the 1980s included the first real time video recording of fluorescein angiography and the recording of live retinal surgery with a camera mounted indirect ophthalmoscope.
Steve is one of the original founder members of the Ophthalmic Imaging Association (formerly BOPA) and is a regular presenter in the USA at the Ophthalmic Photographers Society (OPS) and JACAPHO.

Steve has taught slit-lamp imaging techniques throughout the world and has an in-depth comprehension of the high-tech instrumentation required in current ophthalmic practice. There is a high and regular demand for Steve to share his knowledge from many of those with an active interest in ophthalmic imaging.
The images in this cover series were originally captured using the BX 900 slit lamp. They were modified using Adobe Software with custom filters created in Lightroom and optimisation in Photoshop. The goal was to create images that draw the attention of the eye care professional and have the ability to create interest to all who appreciate the beauty of ocular imaging.