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King’s College London Ophthalmology Society is looking for ophthalmologists from any level based in a London hospital that would be able to give guidance and support to a medical student.

The Ophthalmology Society is a student run society in Kings College London where students who have a general interest in a career of ophthalmology join in the hope of gaining a better insight into the speciality. In general, ophthalmology is not taught in depth in medical schools and so the available information is often limited.

The Society is hoping to start the mentorship scheme in Mid February 2022 to run until June 2022.

Each ophthalmologist will be designated a student and the plan is for there to be a few meetings discussing the speciality and helping them gain an insight into what a career is like and in preparing for future applications. Ideally the mentor will also have some ophthalmology hospital exposure.

If you are interested or have any questions, please email Aneesa Hameed, President of King’s College London Ophthalmology Society on