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This concise book provides readers with practical guidance to help them to both avoid errors and develop robust processes to protect themselves and their patients, as well as dealing appropriately with complaints and litigation, when things do go wrong. Free of complex legal terminology, the book outlines key concepts in medical law and how these may be applied to clinical situations in both hospital and community settings.

It is not an Ophthalmology text but instead is aimed at all healthcare professionals.

Despite the lack of eye focus it is an invaluable guide to all things related to medicolegal issues. In Ophthalmology we are seeing more complaints and litigation as our patients expectations increase. This book helps you understand key aspects of the law and how to deal with the practicalities of complaints and the legal process.

Written by both an Ophthalmologist (our own Medicolegal Editor) and an practicing Clinical Negligence lawyer. Incorporating case law with practical studies, legal information is supplemented by clinical commentaries from a range of specialists representing the perspective of the health care practitioner.

The book is essential reading for medical and health students, practising clinicians and allied health care professionals at all levels.
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Amar Alwitry

FRCOphth MMedLaw, Leicestershire and Nottingham, UK.

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