Anatomy is essential for surgical education as it aids clinical assessment, maximises safe surgical navigation, and contributes to patient safety. Dissection remains the traditional approach to teaching anatomy, but requires wet labs, high costs, and compliance with the Human Tissue Act. Furthermore, finding time to study alongside a busy clinical job, which juggles both healthcare service provision and a robust postgraduate curriculum, can be a significant struggle for trainees.

Our educational aim is to provide a simple blended learning solution to ophthalmology trainees centered around Anatomical Three-dimensional Orbital ModelS (ATOMS) to help teach orbital anatomy and make it simple to learn. We focus on high-yield, clinically relevant anatomy and provide a blended learning solution using 21st century learning tools: podcasts, surgical videos, and screencasts. All these learning resources have been approved by senior orbital surgeons based at Sussex Eye Hospital (Brighton, UK) and are relevant to the ophthalmology specialist training (OST) curriculum in the UK.



Portable 3D-printed orbital models (ATOMS) are at the centre of all these educational resources and bring the learning to life. These models have been created using digital 3D-printing techniques that are available at most universities, and even hospitals. This allows for the cheaper mass production of educational anatomy material, without the costs, or attendance to a wet lab. Significant evidence supports 3D-printed models as trainees enjoy interacting with these models and ability to conceptualise the realistic anatomy.

We are recruiting ophthalmology trainees, trust-grade doctors, and ophthalmology fellows for this national study. The only commitment we ask is to engage with our learning resources over 2 weeks for a minimum total of 4 hours. There are numerous advantages to taking part, including CPD points, ability to improve your own clinical knowledge, and a chance to win an ATOMS. We will send you all the learning material, including the ATOMS, via pre-paid postage.


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