The Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO) welcomes the General Optical Council (GOC) consultation on the definition of contact lens aftercare and verification of contact lens specifications.

The GOC has announced its latest consultation following its call for evidence on the Opticians Act in 2022. At that time, the GOC sought views on the need to verify a copy of a contact lens specification and has now taken the draft position that verification is no longer necessary "provided that the specification is clear, does not contain any obvious errors and has not obviously been tampered with."
Alongside this, the GOC is seeking stakeholders' views on an updated definition of aftercare. The draft statement says that the GOC is seeking to ensure that a "definition of aftercare should be provided that gives sufficient detail to ensure the public is protected."
The consultation will close on 24 October 2023 and ABDO is seeking members views' and input into an ABDO response.


ABDO clinical lead Max Halford said: "We welcome the GOC consultation following our submission to the original call for evidence, and this opportunity to feedback on the draft GOC position before changes are implemented.

"We are seeking feedback from ABDO members' who will have valuable insight into how changes to both verification and the definition of aftercare affect the patients we provide clinical care for in practices.

"Many of our members will have experience of concerns following online supply of contact lenses with no guidance for aftercare, alongside demands to verify contact lens prescriptions, and we are keen to work with the GOC to ensure the highest standards of protection for our patients and guidelines for dispensing opticians."

Read the full consultation here