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Growing up as a small child in the late 80s, I would often look out of the train, bus, aeroplane, boat or car window and naturally form artistic visuals from real objects in my mind.

In a year of profound changes triggered by the COVID-19 crisis and a renewed focus on public health, Professor Tunde Peto at Queens University in Belfast hosted a special eye webinar at 6.06pm on the 6/6/20! This unique time and date alongside many world webinars marked a celebration of the Vision of Science and Eye Health. A digital PowerPoint of art went on display, illuminating the background, it showcased pieces from all walks of life and age groups.

In this article, I look back at just some of the wonderful pieces. Whilst we capture images of human age developments, our recollection of art changes with time too. Here, we enjoy creative eye art illustrations, expressed from different ages and portraying so much artistic talent.


Hand drawn by an eight-year-old child in primary school.


PhD Student at QUB captures street art in Berlin.


Textile art created by a 16-year-old GCSE student.


3D visual art piece by artist Ofelia Toor Maracineanu.


I was privileged to get correspondence from a travelling artist named Ofelia Toor Maracineanu. Born in Romania, she has lived in Italy for many years. Away from working with her clients in their homes, Ofelia says it is her relaxing hobby to paint free hand with acrylics. She said about her exhibit which took three days to create: “This eye is the symbol of all eyes that have regained light under the wonderful hands of Dr Giuliana Silvestri and is a tribute to her work in eye surgery.”

A picture speaks a thousand words and tells a story! Next time you are out strolling along a beach, touring through the hustle and bustle of city lights, or walking down a quiet subway, perhaps you will see something which creates an artistic impact in your mind!



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