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My work currently still centres on veterinary ophthalmology although not full time, having run a small independent referral service for over two decades. I am grateful to my parents for sending us to Saturday art classes, walking us through “boring” sculpture parks, and I remember the smell of paper and oils in an art shop run by my auntie.

In 2015, I gate-crashed Art School as a hypermature student, for personal reasons, after being allowed in with a meagre portfolio but extremely good intentions. It was an intense experience and I was released two years later, with more abstract thinking and probably more left brain activity to show for it. I also felt more at ease and have more fond memories than at Vet School. Different times, different places.

Although photography is dear to me, it is just one of many media and I find the description of a studio as a “laboratory”, where we can experiment (unlike the day job) and create or fall into other worlds very appealing. My “artwork” then tends to be a mixed bag.

The photographs here were taken after banking corneal tissue and getting carried away admiring a lens under a standard bench microscope. I injected the lens with a stain used for basic cytology. Photos were taken a week apart, creating the broken glass appearance. Stepping away from that, they reflect a simple and single event but now are about circularity, space and celestial bodies. In a way I see them as “ready mades”, although expanding this term is taking artistic liberties and perhaps we should (Marcel watching down from the heavens) call it retinal art.





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Stephan Termote

MRCVS CertVOphthal, MA Fine Art, Cambridge, UK.

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