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In this new section we profile creatives whose work is inspired by the eye.


Since I was a child, I have enjoyed art projects. It provided me with a space for creative freedom without rules or restrictions. Unfortunately, this fell by the wayside while I was in university, as I felt that there wasn’t the time to integrate it into the daily routine.

However, while living in Bristol during my ophthalmology training, I found myself inspired by the creative energy of the city and began creating art again. I have experimented with a number of different mediums, from drawing, painting and photography, to digital illustrations and animations. Seeing the positive psychological effects associated with the creative process, I wish I had taken more time for this during my studies. It is also rewarding to see the development of skills and capabilities with time.








This long-standing interest for creative projects, combined with an appreciation of ophthalmology related artwork, led to the collection of anatomical and histological illustrations taken from between the years 1850 and 1935. Wanting to integrate these into a project, I found myself thinking about how mandalas resemble the eye, not only visually, but also through the deeper symbolism of spirituality and connection.

To bring fresh life to these old pictures, a drawing pad and image editing software were used to cut, copy and collage together compositions comprised of concentrically aligned patterns. The picture ‘Mind’ was inspired by the individuality and remarkability of the iris. Images portraying the iris, ciliary body and choroid were reconstructed to create a novel interpretation of the uveal tract. Expanding upon this idea by using mixed anatomical planes and integrating radial slices, ‘Body’ and ‘Soul’ depict the eye, where the anterior ocular structures are represented peripherally and the posterior centrally, reflecting the structure of the eye in an abstract style.



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Katherine McVeigh

FRCOphth, Berlin, Germany.

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