Event Details
Date: 17 June 2022

Location name: Edinburgh, UK

Location address: King Khalid Building
Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
Hill Square

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The Scottish Glaucoma club first started its June symposium in 1999 and since 2004 it has been an annual event. 

This is a day meeting, held at the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh and covers a variety of aspects of glaucoma care and research.

This year's meeting will start with a look at glaucoma service delivery. Starting with an update on the NES glaucoma accredited training, which although unique to Scotland, demonstrates that it is possible to use community optometry to deliver glaucoma care on the high street. 

The next session looks forward, where Cecilia Fenerty will be talking about at the NICE glaucoma guidelines, Gus Gazzard discusses managing narrow angles, and Phil Bloom speaks about micropulse laser.

After lunch, Anthony King examines the prevention of blindness from glaucoma followed by a debate between Donald Montgomery and Leon Au about the usefulness of MIGS - who is on which side?

The day concludes with the next generation of Scottish Glaucoma consultants presenting tricky cases.

This meeting aims to offer something for all healthcare professionals involved in glaucoma care, at all stages in their career. In the past, it has had 100 delegates, so it is an opportunity not just to keep up to date but also to meet with fellow glaucoma colleagues.

The meeting will take place from 9am - 5pm.