JOURNAL REVIEWED: Journal of Refractive Surgery - until March 2014

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The management of possibly progressive pterygium

A 43-year-old Sudanese male patient is referred by his GP with a fleshy lesion encroaching the nasal cornea for the last six months. History Make note of: risk factors, i.e. UV exposure and ocular irritation - history of living in...

Prostaglandin levels in femto cataract surgery

Following previous reports of pupil size decrease after femtosecond treatment, the authors compare levels of prostaglandins in patients undergoing femtosecond assisted cataract surgery with those having routine cataract surgery. Patients with inflammatory eye disease, previous trauma surgery, age-related macular degeneration...

High-fluence collagen cross-linking

The authors treat seven eyes with progressive keratoconus with a high energy (18mW) for five minutes delivering a total energy similar to that suggested by the original Dresden protocol (3mW for 30mins). All eyes had a thickness >400µm following epithelial...

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