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Eye News announces new partnership

We are delighted to announce we are now media partners of King's College London Ophthalmology Society.

Could you mentor budding ophthalmologists in London?

King’s College London Ophthalmology Society is looking for ophthalmologists from any level based in a London hospital that would be able to give guidance and support to a medical student.

Deadline approaching for Edinburgh scholarship applications

The University of Edinburgh has opened applications for scholarships to its two online courses, the MSc in Primary Care Ophthalmology and the ChM in Clinical Ophthalmology.

Ophthalmology Scholarship Applications Open – Deadline 1 June 2021

The University of Edinburgh has opened applications for The David and Molly Pyott Foundation Scholarships in Ophthalmology which will support eligible ophthalmology trainees / registrars /residents undertake the university’s online, two-year, part-time ChM (Master of Surgery) in Clinical Ophthalmology from September 2021.

MOS (Midland Ophthalmological Society): Summer President's Meeting 2021

Bringing the Dark Arts into the Light. Express guide to Paediatric Ophthalmology, Paediatric Retina, On call conundrums, Paediatric Neuro-ophthalmology, Junior Case Presentations.

Ophthalmology practice during COVID-19

The purpose of this study was to share the experiences in treating paediatric ophthalmology patients during the pandemic and to report institution guidelines. A flowchart was devised for telephone triage and subsequent follow-up of patients through telemedicine or face to...

Pseudophakic Monovision: A Clinical Guide

The contents of this small volume should provide useful tips for all ophthalmic practitioners involved with managing patients undergoing cataract surgery. For those ophthalmic clinicians and supporting staff not familiar with the potential options for achieving a spectacle independent refractive...

2018/19 Ophthalmology Honours results announced

Recipients of the 2018/19 Ophthalmology Honours by Bayer were recognised during a presentation held at BMA House, London.

Vaughan and Asbury’s General Ophthalmology (19th edition)

Vaughan and Asbury’s General Ophthalmology (19th edition) is the latest update of this classic ophthalmology textbook that has been around for nearly 60 years. Written by British, American and Canadian authors, this book is intended for an international readership and...

Apply now for subspecialty fellowships in Singapore

The Singapore National Eye Centre is inviting applications for the following clinical fellowships

Vital dyes in ophthalmology

This comprehensive review gives an excellent summary of the uses and properties of the different dyes available to aid better visualisation and diagnoses in ophthalmology. The authors clearly display the pharmacological properties, molecular details, osmolarity and indications in clinical ophthalmology...

Use of white coat and greetings

This study was undertaken to characterise the practice patterns of paediatric ophthalmologists regarding their use of white coats and salutations in outpatient visits. A questionnaire was sent to American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus (AAPOS) members with a response...