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Avoiding investigations through history taking and examinations to differentiate serious from comparably benign aetiology

*Joint first authors. Introduction Anisocoria can be a sign of neurological deficit, necessitating numerous investigations [1]. This case report explores how expensive and time-consuming investigations can be avoided by thorough history taking and examination to differentiate serious from comparably benign...

10 daily habits damaging your eyesight and changes you can make to remedy against them

Following World Glaucoma Day on 12 March this year, it is vital that the longevity of our vision is always a priority. However, many of our daily habits contribute to the onset of glaucoma and vision loss.

Clear sight is ‘revelation’ for Yaxley resident following ‘life-changing’ surgery

Retiree Steve Low has rekindled his love for photography.

Sleep positions and the effect on IOP

The authors describe a study to determine if sleeping at a 20 degree head up position decreases nocturnal IOP compared with lying supine in patients with and without glaucoma. They recruited 30 patients (60 eyes) 15 with glaucoma and 15...

Portable corneal topography – exploration of a prototype

Ophthalmic imaging devices, such as corneal topographers, are not widespread in the developing world. A small device that connects to a smartphone might be a solution to improve developing nation access to corneal imaging. I recently had the opportunity to...

“I can’t see nothing out of that eye, you ....!”

This is exactly the call you don’t want to receive at 11 at night. The A&E colleague phoned to inform me about a young man who was kicked several times in the face and could not see out of one...

Fight for Sight and The Royal College of Ophthalmologists invite applications for John Lee Primer Fellowships for research into sight loss

In partnership with The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, Fight for Sight is now inviting applications for its John Lee Primer Fellowships, offering up to £60,000 to support early career ophthalmologists to undertake ground-breaking vision research.

Blind Veterans UK calls on eye health professionals to direct blind and vision impaired veterans to vital support

A national charity is asking ophthalmologists and eye health professionals to help them reach out to the tens of thousands of blind and vision impaired ex-service men and women who are currently missing out on vital support to help them...

Oertli Instrumente AG releases two trocar based chandelier solution

Using chandelier illumination provides a true bimanual manipulation during vitreoretinal surgery.

The Arclight: A ‘pocket’ ophthalmoscope to revitalise undergraduate teaching?

Ophthalmoscopy should be a core skill for every doctor and should be firmly embedded in the undergraduate curriculum similar to the unquestioned position of the stethoscope. The simplicity of the Arclight means it is easy to useand, importantly, to learn...

Kay Pictures offers six month’s free use of its iSight Pro app

The Kay iSight Test Pro visual acuity test is now available with a free six month introductory subscription for Apple devices only.

Screening accuracy

In this study the authors observed whether and how well orthoptic tests are performed by non-orthoptists in a screening setting. They assessed the quality of screening tests by semi-structured observations of youth health care (YHC) physicians who screened children aged...