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The International Congress of Ophthalmology (ICO): a history

Readers of Eye News will notice in the Events section that the World Congress of Ophthalmology (WOC) is scheduled to take place in Barcelona in June 2018. This is in fact the renamed International Congress of Ophthalmology (ICO) and now...

Innovations in ophthalmology: what can the innovations of the past teach us about tomorrow?

BUOS Prize Essay – 2nd prize winner for 2013 submissions Introduction An essay titled Innovations in Ophthalmology might choose to focus on the history; from cataract couching to femtosecond lasers, ophthalmology has had no shortage of topics worthy of discussion....

The 2021-2022 ophthalmology ST1 application process

Harry Rosen updates us on what is involved in the current UK Ophthalmology Specialist Training (OST) programme application process. The process of applying to the UK Ophthalmology Specialist Training (OST) programme is constantly changing each year, adapting to the needs...
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