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Line-up confirmed for Eye News Symposium!

We are delighted to confirm an excellent line-up of speakers and topics for the Eye News Symposium, taking place in Glasgow on Sunday 20 January.

Last-Minute Optics, Second Edition

For those who shudder at the thought of clinical optics, this is the book for you. Dr Hunter’s second edition of Last-Minute Optics is a resource for more than just last-minute cramming, despite its title. It provides a real-life perspective...

Capacity-building through the COECSA-RCOphth LINK – linking journals in a training and mentorship programme

The College of Ophthalmology of Central, Eastern and Southern Africa (COECSA) [1] and the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) [2] have a long-standing health partnership through the VISION 2020 LINKS Programme [3,4]. The LINK started a new project in 2019...

RCOphth Annual Congress - Day 1

Follow all the updates from the first day of the RCOphth 2022 Annual Congress here.

The other side

Adele sings a song called Hello, which is about a mythical phonecall she makes to an ex-boyfriend about how different life is now compared to when they used to date. The chorus line repeated many times is “Hello from the...

Managing a dislocated intraocular lens

A 70-year-old male patient is referred from the optician with a history of onset of double vision and examination shows a dislocated / subluxated IOL. How will you manage this patient? If the double vision is causing serious concern to...

Useful digital resources for the modern ophthalmologist

In the age of the internet and a smartphone at everyone’s fingertips, here are some free resources I have found to be useful on the job, and hopefully will be of use to you too. Feedly (Android/iOS): Better known as...

RCOphth Annual Congress - Day 3

Follow live updates and key highlights from Day 3 of the RCOphth Annual Congress.

EKF Quo-Test® supports improved medical management of diabetic retinopathy patients

EKF Diagnostics’ Quo-Test® HbA1c analyser is successfully supporting improved medical management of patients with sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy (STDR). The effectiveness of...

In conversation with Professor Harminder Dua

We spoke to Professor Harminder Dua about his highlights from the first day of the RCOphth Annual Congress 2022, and he discussed his excitement for the Oxford Ophthalmological Congress taking place 4-6 July.

In conversation with The Ophthalmological Society of Malawi

Eye News spoke to the Ophthalmological Society of Malawi about their plans for their Congress in September, what they have learned at the RCOphth, and the impact of the Vision2020 LINKS programme.

In conversation with Andrena McElvanney

Eye News speak to Andrena McElvanney about her symposium at the RCOphth Congress, and her work with MCLOSA.